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Historical photos of the fck community from bitcointalk & old project version
The end of old history
Version 2019y.
Don Bitcoin and 1 FCKer

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Big Banking would like to meet

I was expecting this.
You're my FCKing consigliere, what should we do ?

I think you should meet with them.
They are very powerful, see for yourself, here's their briefcases with documents

It's fine

Golf ?

I only play golf with my friends.
I will accept them at home

Brown banker:
I hate dogs, why is this mongrel running loose

Blue banker:
Ooooh, he recognizes you ha ha ha

Brown banker:
Okay, let's do this, big business.
I can't believe we're going to him.

Blue banker:
If someone had told me 10 years ago that we would have an offer for Don Bitcoin,
I wouldn't have believed it either. He has become very powerful and grows stronger, yet he was nobody.
Where is he from, again ?

Brown banker:
Nobody knows, our research did not manage to find where it came from  or any history.
This is the first time we don't know anything

Brown banker:
Do you think he'll agree ?

Blue banker:
We'll soon see ?

Brown banker:
If we come back with nothing, the board will be pissed

Blue banker:
We will worry about that then.
First let's see what he says when we give him our offer

Brown banker:
Don Bitcoin,
we want to buy 1'000'000 BTC and 1'000'000'000 FCK
We are willing to pay the price at the highest ATH ever 20'000 USD for 1 BTC and 0.01 USD for 1 FCK

Why me ?
After all, you have unlimited capital, why not buy on the exchanges ?

Blue banker:
You know that we can't buy such quantities on the market.
There would be madness, no one could predict what the price would be then, people are unpredictable.
We are businessmen, not madmen

Brown banker:
We want to do it quietly, and in exchange for 1'000'000 BTC and 1'000'000'000 FCK we will transfer 5% of our shares in banks.
5% is just the beginning, with such a share you will receive an exorbitant dividend every year

I understand... this is a very generous proposition today.
I wonder what you would do with so much BTC and FCK

Blue banker:
BTC will be an additional security for our capital and our wealthy investors.
We guarantee that BTC will not be transferred to exchanges.
We need FCK to enter the industry of accepting crypto for services and goods, we are thinking about a certain powerful market, but that is another topic.
We hope that the price of FCK will increase in the coming years

I understand. Is this all ?

Brown banker:
We know you have more than a million BTC.
Even by selling us a million, you will still be a whale.
You have powerful connections and with this money, your people will be able to quietly buy BTC in small batches from the market, so that the prices do not screw up.
Who knows, maybe you can buy back a lot

Blue banker:
I would like to add that timing is important to us.. the 5% stake is already prepared.
Just agree

I met with you because I heard that people respect you.
So, let me start with the fact that, I actually have over a million BTC. I also, have many friends who could buy more BTC from the market... And yet, I still have to refuse

And I'll explain why.
Your business is dirty, as the Jews would say, "not kosher".
You don't understand the essence of crypto.
If I agreed, the entire crypto world that I now have on my side would turn against me

Blue banker: [thought]

In addition, I do not have 1'000'000'000 FCK and I sincerely doubt that even my advisor FCKing CEO has that amount.
As far as I know, most of the FCK was irretrievably lost between 2014-2018

You can ask my advisor for details, but when it comes to your offer, my refusal is final

Congratulations on your willingness to have BTC and FCK, but the only thing I can offer is purchase it on exchanges.
I do not see a conflict of our interests here, so good luck and success

Brown banker:
It's fucking raining

Blue banker:
Damm... my new shoe !
Two thousand bucks went to hell

Brown banker:
Your shoes cost two thousand bucks ?!

Blue banker:
Not shoes, just a shoe !...

Brown banker:
I'm fed up, it was a shitty day !

Blue banker: [thought]
Fuck !

Dogecoin: [thought]

Incredible !
Yesterday it was such a downpour, and today we play on a completely dry golf course.
The company that built them are really professionals

Exactly it was pricey but now you see what I paid for.
Every dollar was worth it.
The biggest work is below us, drainage etc.
I have their business card somewhere at home, I'll give you a contact

Maybe someday...
I'd rather play for you

You know how they say, it's best to have friends with the yacht and the golf course

Whoever said it was a wise man.
I don't even remember the last time I was on my yacht

How did you know it was going to rain yesterday when I was offering golf to meet the bankers

I checked the weather forecast, and you really know I don't do business with strangers while golfing

Coming back to yesterday's meeting:
I don't like these bankers.
I know that my refusal will have consequences.
These are not the people who will come to terms with it.

Get Fcktoshi, I need to talk to him

Fcktoshi: [thought]
I'm Fcktoshi, I help people make the right decisions

Of course, I'll arrange it immediately

You will fly to Tokyo.
You will meet my friend Satoshi.
You will learn how our interests are doing, I know there are problems.
I can't get this over the phone

I'm Satoshi Yamato.
I run Don's business in Japan

When you come back from Japan, we will discuss FCKcoin
I wonder where the sudden interest of the bankers in this particular coin comes from
I am superstitious and don't believe in cases

Ok, I'll take the next flight to Tokyo.

I wanted to tell you that FCKcoin entered the next exchange
Interesting exchange, has dice, faucet, lottery, invest, referral, ico

Very good, the project is progressing properly

today we exceeded 2 million blocks in
The prize has already dropped to 0.09536743 Fcktoshi

It's a very old project.
Scrypt since 2013. It will get really interesting when FCKcoin changes to PoS.
Then the quantity you have will really matter.

FCK: [thought]
The trip to Tokyo will take 27 hours.
It's good that I have a 7-hour break with a change in Frankfurt am Main

FCK: [thought]
I have never been to the financial center of the euro area.
7 hours is enough for shopping and relaxing with a German beer

FCK: [thought]
... and a gift straight from Germany for Satoshi


Further story soon...


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