I don't get fcked by banks and governments.
I accept and use FCKcoin

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FCK accepted

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What is FCK Banks coin ? [FCKcoin]

FCKbanks is a movement against the current banking system, and against all the things that are fck'd up in this world.
The FCKbanks cryptocurrency is a part of this message - branding it to show governments and banks that the people aren't happy with how things are, and demand change.
One goal is to uplift the people of the world from the stranglehold of this broken and top-heavy system.
The ideal is to be able to help educate and fund people with peaceful protests, charities helping the oppressed and seeding small businesses to support an economy that doesn't depend on the current powers that be.

In the end, with your help, we strive to 'UnFCK the World' !


FCKers Club

FCKcoin reborn

FCKbanks coin - An incredible comeback thanks to FCKers Club community. This has never happened in the cryptocurrency world.

What the FCK is a FCK: Classic, simple, and fast cryptocurrency which can be used for internet transactions without the use of a bank. A Proof of Work cryptocurreny, using the scrypt algorithm with a 60 second block time.

FCK Banks coin, a brief description of our interesting history:

Start / Fall / Return

​FCK started 29.12.2013 and became really popular and was warmly accepted by the crypto-community. Many believed that this project had a great investing potential. Unfortunately, "giveaway" practices and large premine was a mistake as all the coins ended up on the exchanges in sale orders.


In early 2018 couple fans of the classic PoW cryptocurrency, decided to reactivate FCKcoin. Those three FCKers hail from the USA, UK and Poland. After over a year of intensive work, more and more new FCKers are joining this emerging project.


  • After 4 years since the "death" of FCKcoin, many "fat" wallets were lost or deleted (we have proofs)

  • By our calculations and explorer analysis only about 4.5 billion FCK's are accessible (from total of 22 billion)

  • Current project is fully owned by the community. There is no longer a premine, and value is completely dependant on the community.

  • The block reward halves every 100k blocks, making the block reward a mere 0.01192092 FCK (1192092 Fcktoshi) per block (June 2021)

  • We have rebranded and soften up slightly vulgar look and feel of the FCKbanks coin into the new and improved, FCK

If you like the idea of the FCK reactivation and/or you want to join FCKers Club please contact us directly. All help is welcome !

Please set up a FCK node on rpcport 21779 and lets keep it alive and growing.

And always remember,

we do give a fck !

FCK the 1%

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Cool project, only 200k DIMI coins

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